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About us

Contemporary design, minimalist philosophies

A well-made leather furniture can go a long way. At Hays Den, we hold ourselves to the highest standard of quality in every detail to bring the luxury and comfort you deserve. From design to construction, all of our leather seats are proudly made in Malaysia.

Our desire to provide the best has also allowed us to embrace the best of both worlds by investing in state-of-the-art modern machinery, as well as engaging skillful teams for traditional craftsmanship in handsewn upholstery. With manufacturing technology in place, we are able to closely examine and process each piece of material with high accuracy to ensure there are no flaws.

Leather Craftsman
Carpenter Cutting Wood

Our Materials

Quality that will last a lifetime

It is always our commitment to deliver impeccable leather seats to our customers, which is why we only use the finest materials from around the world.



Our seat covers are made using 100% vintage Italian leather that's fully imported. Vintage leather refers to the highest quality full-grain aniline leather that has been beautifully aged for 20 to 100 years. This means that every piece you purchase from us predates the early 1980's. In other words, when you own a Hays Den sofa or dining chair, you own a piece of history. And yet, unlike other leather that wears out with time, vintage leather burnishes and beautifies as it ages. It develops a highly sought after patina and character that cannot be easily duplicated.


A good sofa needs a well-made frame that will help maintain it's shape and integrity over the years. We use American Oak and American Walnut known for their hardness, weight, strength, and resilience against wear and tear. These wood resist warping, shrinkage, and general decay.

We implement a very strict procedure to control the quality of our wood in order to ensure that they do not contain insects or pests that would jeopardize the frame's integrity. 

Our Showroom

timeless pieces to elevate your space

Browse even more options and get your hands on limited, unique pieces at our showroom. Experience the quality of every Hays Den’s piece as you sink into our buttery soft leather seats and feel our smooth polished wooden furniture. Immerse yourself in the beauty and luxury of our mid-century modern designs.

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