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Now that you've purchased your product, it's time for the fun part - assembly! Just follow our simple steps for success.


Assembly instructions

Depending on what bracket system the lounge has, it can be connected as follows:



Regular plumping and fluffing is needed to better maintain shape.

upholstery care.PNG
upholstery care.PNG

Start from the bottom and move to the top.

upholstery care.PNG

Start centre towards the outer border.

upholstery care.PNG

Gently push left & right backrest cushions to centre.

upholstery care.PNG

Repeat with the seat cushions.

upholstery care.PNG

Repeat with the base flaps, aligning to the centre.


Your Vintage Leather is here to make your life comfortable. Please look after it with these tips:

  • Heat is your enemy! Avoid placing your product near air vents and direct sunlight.

  • For hot items, use a coaster to protect its surface.

  • Keep your product indoors where it thrives best.

  • Love it gently; use mild soaps to remove stubborn stains.

  • Don't use harsh cleansers or polishes that might damage it's surface.

  • Tackle pesky dust and spills with a lint-free cloth.

  • Use a padded barrier to protect the surface before any writing.

  • Our products are solidly built, but they have their weight limits.

For more care instructions, visit our FAQ page.



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